The history of AVS

Take a walk down memory lane with us as we reflect on how far AVS has come and we look ahead to the opportunities of the future. 

1990 | Our first valve company

The year it all began! We bought our first valve company, Mineline. This was when we took our first big (baby) steps into the valve industry! In Gauteng, at least.

1990 | Our first product

Butterfly valves! In the early nineties we entrenched ourselves as reliable manufacturers to the mining industry. Whether from the coal or the butterflies, we soon got itchy feet.

1993 | Our first Engineering move

We purchased Epwin Engineering in 1993. After 3 years, we wanted to sink our business teeth into valve manufacturing and gain more traction, Epwin was the ideal answer to our “what’s next?”.

1993 | Our first deep dive into Water

This was the year we expanded into manufacturing stainless steel non-return valves and supplying cleaning products for the water industry (thanks again, Epwin)


1994 | Our first real (specialist) deal

In 1994, we bought SVS. They were an incorporated boiler manufacture company who wanted to focus on their forte which was manufacturing. We wanted to focus on ours, supplying. Coincidence? Nope. A smart move that made business sense.

1994 | Our first customer contract

SVS came with experienced staff and the connection to a network of brands (including the ARI range of valves). We set up a contract to supply SVS as a customer and that was it! Big picture thinking met supply-chain strategy.

1998 | Our first memorable sale

After 8 solid seasons, we decided to sell Mineline and allow ourselves room to put even more momentum behind our specialised (and rather ambitious) ambitions.

1998 | Our first big business pivot

We fuelled our own impactful shift from a business specialising in manufacturing valves into being specialist valve suppliers. We grew. Got more brands. More suppliers. Complacency didn’t stand a chance this year.

1998 | Our first global move

A growing global network meant the opportunity of an expanding global footprint and international partners. What began back then as business negotiations with Mipel (now Deca), Atam, JK, Varimex and Mega, flourished into decade-long, trusted brand partnerships!

1999 | Our first big structural shift

Entrade was started in ‘99 and in the same year, the SVS /  ARI contract was up for renewal. We made a calculated business pivot to link core brands to end-users and resellers and by 2000, entrenched ourselves as specialists in quality and service.

2010 | Our first big trade: Entrade

SVS bought 100% of Entrade in 2010 and after that, their companies and customer bases began to connect. This was good news all round. Up till this point, SVS and Entrade had been entirely separate. From here on, everything-SVS is supplemented by Entrade (and their great brands like ARI and AOX).

2018/2019 | Our first big streamlined operation

Over the course of a year, we consolidated our complex business systems (personal info, specs and data storage infrastructure) into something way, way less complex. Was it more streamlined and insightful? Absolutely! Does it scientifically prove our IT-team is more intelligent and patient than the average human being? Probably.

2020 | Our first big POA, put into A

Twenty plenty. A year when shiny-new streamlined comms and data management systems were tried, tested, tweaked. And most importantly, trusted. This was a year of honing and sharpening strategy.

2021 | Our first as Allied Valve Specialists

SVS and Entrade were formally combined by AVS to operate as a Group. The date was May 2021 D.C. (During-Covid). Coming out proudly is a big deal for anyone. And after a year like 2021, it deserves a celebration on anyone’s timeline.

2022 | Our first as Allied Valve Specialists

AVS launched a joint-operated warehouse in Gauteng. From these larger premises, we stock and supply both SVS and Entrade products to streamline service delivery and take customer care to a whole new level.

Now | Our first present moment(s)

Oooh, you meant like now, now? Our focus is the same. As AVS, we’re committed to making more time for face-time, prioritising people, products and partnerships and equating success with safety and sustainability.

We’ve come a long way!

From new warehouses to new staff, slick operating systems and better human connections.

AVS invites you to join us on our journey and become a part of history in rebuilding South Africa’s infrastructure and inspiring CARE, PRIDE and TRUST.