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Introducing Kaptein Angelos and the AVS crew

Meet your team

From internal logistics, inventory and warehouse management to despatch and after-sales delivery, these are the people we trust to put you first. Please select a location for your search. 


"Kaptein" tina@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Tina Angelos
Managing Director
"The Human Control Valve" lauren@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Lauren Boehner
Marketing Specialist
"The Rainmaker" samanthia@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Sam Van Der Westhuizen
Sales Manager
"Miss Moneypenny" nadia@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Nadia Loubser
Financial Manager
"Full Steam Ahead" emma@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Emma Drummond
Marketing Manager
"The Dot Connector" leigh@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Leigh-Anne Shaw
Executive Analyst
"Lean & Evergreen" sales.team@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Linda Boxall
Sustainability Advisor
"Excels with Excellence" jacqui@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Jacqui Loio
Executive Advisor
"The Glue" marilise@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Marilise Clark
Office/Sales Support
"Wind beneath our warehouse" richard@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Richard Le Roux
Warehouse & Stock
"The Spark" joe@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Joe Sitoe
Warehouse & Driver
"Smooth Operator" charlain@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Charlain Ferreira
Operations Manager
"Fun Factory" paula@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Paula Viegas
Financial Administrator
"Humble Advisor" tyron@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Tyron James
Internal Sales
"Iron Like Lion" sales.team@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Solly Nwaile
Warehouse & Driver
"Smiles for Miles" sales.team@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Siya Qwabe
"Dynamic Dynamite" dominic@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Dominic Combrink
"Specialist stickler" markus@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Markus Roux
Product Specialist
"Warehouse Weapon" ewan@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Ewan van der Walt
Warehouse & Stock
"Moola Meets Momentum" thuli@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Thuli Biyela
Accounts Assistant
"Bouncing Ball" matthew@alliedvalvespecialists.co.za
Matthew Livesey
Internal Sales