Welcome to our digital valve warehouse

We’re refining an online catalogue to offer the best experience in finding detail for individual fit-for-purpose steam and chlorine industrial valves across the AVS product range. Watch this space!

Watch this space!

Product details coming soon!

View the ARI-Armaturen and Hunt & Mitton product brochures or read on to find out how our passion for partnerships allows AVS to deliver innovative solutions to South Africa’s valve industry.

Operating Ranges

We’ve broken down our operating ranges into categories to bring you a all the info you need in one spot. From the full range, to applications and a match up to other products you may need.

Product Excellence

Specialist products & end-to end service

We have the specialist expertise to size and offer our customers the most cost-effective valve for its application. At the simplest level we ensure the product we recommend is fit-for- purpose, at the best price, meeting all the safety and regulatory requirements. If our product range does not meet the specifications, we guide our customers through partnerships to get the answers they need.

We offer peace of mind that comes with safe reliable products – we know how important safety is to our customers and the impact of the production process on the environment. We help our customers feel safe. This is driven by PRIDE.

Service-led culture

A production plant or site must be cost-effective. Plant shutdowns or issues with the production process can cause devastating financial distress for our customers. What we offer is not only the solution, but we know our customers need our valves at any point in time. Our high stockholding gives our customer the confidence that we will always be there for them 24/7. No downtime is our aim. This is a foundation of TRUST that sets us apart.

We get our valves on site in the quickest, safest and most cost-effective manner at a time that meets production requirements. We offer specialist advice that confirms the product and it’s certification along with 100% commitment to execute when it comes to service and delivery.