Allied Valve Specialists: Putting Heart Into The Art Of Sustainable Supply Chains

Jun 4, 2024

Impacting South Africa’s steam and chlorine valve industry through procurement and value chain efficiencies

This isn’t your average industry article, because we aren’t your average industrial business. We are Allied Valve Specialists.

“I compare what we do to the hearts in our bodies,” says Tina Angelos, Managing Director aka “Kaptein” of AVS. “There are 4 main valves that pump the heart and give life. Each valve brings a plant to life. It’s our responsibility to take care of this vital organ.”

At AVS, we don’t look at valves as just products. We see them as the heart of the plant operation. That is why we’re committed to the human being behind every valve – offering cradle to grave service through fit-for-purpose valve application, procurement and product knowledge. Rooted in our core values of CARE. PRIDE and TRUST.

Operational Excellence Through Value Chain Efficiencies

Speed, availability and accuracy of product and service delivery. That’s what operational efficiency means at AVS. This is only accomplished through a deep sense of care for our customer. We proudly position ourselves as forward thinkers in the supply chain process – making both product and human connections.

Internal logistics, inventory and warehouse management, despatch and after sales delivery. AVS offers it all. We give our customers confidence in sufficient stockholding and smooth execution of sales from our recently upgraded warehouses in Gauteng and Cape Town.

“The valves we supply help provide water, sanitation, food, transportation and energy to 62 million people. Every single day.”

Product Leadership Through Supplier Partnerships

“Understanding where our range of valves fits the customer purpose within a production plant is non-negotiable”, adds Angelos. Valves are a crucial application in most industries. They need to perform and function accurately within their eco-system to enhance performance and reduce risk.

This is where our trusted brands come in. ARI-Armaturen prioritises environmental protection, sharing our view that all resources along the entire value chain should be managed in a responsible way. They operate environmental management systems according to DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 as well as energy management systems according to DIN ISO 50001. This ensures the products AVS supplies to the South African market make a proven and significant contribution toward efficient and sustainable use of resources.

The Hunt & Mitton valves we supply are also safe, reliable and efficient, with zero emissions, life-time guarantee and long lifespan – thus reducing downtime and future maintenance issues. Attributes like this, along with the highest standards of EuroChlor certification, are imperative to address the energy trilemma we are currently facing.

You Don’t Need To Be A Specialist, You Just Need To Partner With One

To solve challenges on a business level, AVS invests in relationships on a human level. Our philosophy is to serve as specialists of facilitation and collaboration. We engage internal specialists, customers and a growing network of expert technical suppliers – laying the foundations of a global partnership model that drives impactful solutions. Markus Roux, AVS Product Specialist recently said “Finding solutions to a customer’s valve problem is rewarding”, further illustrating the Kaptein Angelos’ service-led culture, steered by a passionate team.

Safe humans. Safe workplace. Safe environment.

Earlier this year, ENCA reported that just under half the water supplied by Rand Water to 18 municipalities is lost because of a lack of infrastructure maintenance and endless leaks.

Plant shutdowns or issues with the production process cause devastating financial distress. A risk South Africans cannot afford in the face of an energy and water crisis. AVS has the specialist expertise to the most cost-effective valve for its application, at the best price, meeting all the safety and regulatory requirements.

“Every engineer deserves a peaceful night’s rest. That’s where the highest certification standards come in.”

In a recent pilot project lasting less than 12 months, AVS & Hunt and Mitton’s Euro Chlor-Approved control valves helped South Africa’s largest chlorine manufacturer on their sustainability journey. The valves we supplied lasted 6 times longer than their predecessors, this is what we mean by putting “eco” into the supply chain eco-system.

We’re also making inroads in one of South Africa’s largest electricity supplier in the natural gas sector, with AVS and ARI-Armaturen valves bringing German precision to South African soil, reducing environmental harm and protecting the people who matter most.

In fact, we believe so strongly in the concepts of safety, sustainability and “sleep well” we printed those words onto a pillowcase to display at our 2023 Sasolburg Roadshow stand.

This wasn’t your average industry article. Because we aren’t your average industrial business.

We are Allied Valve Specialists.