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Hunt & Mitton

Hunt & Mitton (H&M) are one of our trusted suppliers of hazardous chemical valves that are Euro Chlor-approved.

Production of H&M hazardous chemical valves started in the 1950s with ICI and since then, they’ve improved their designs with modern materials, a deep understanding of chemical and material compatibility and control valve expertise. They now have a strong and experienced European management team who have assembled a highly skilled manufacturing team in China.

Pilot Projects & Product Impact


AVS was proud to fly the South African flag high in the Hunt & Mitton newsletter. Together, we reported on the impact made on-plant through an understanding of industrial steam valve applications in industries across South Africa.

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Protecting people and the environment has been a fundamental principle of the equipment standards developed by Euro Chlor. From the many reports written about emissions prevention from industrial valves, Bellows Seal Valves are acknowledged as the primary design that affords the best possible prevention of leakage to the atmosphere and the protection of plant operators. Euro Chlor has recently approved the H&M Bellow Seal Globe Control Valves for Gaseous and Liquid Chlorine Applications – this confirms that the series 5801 are designed and manufactured not only meeting, but exceeding the requirements of the Euro Chlor 17/492 standard.

When processing dangerous chemicals and want to ensure the highest levels of safety for your plant operators, you will not find better than the valves made by Hunt & Mitton. Their design, supply chain and manufacturing processes have been independently assessed and proven to be the very best in this category, upholding the most stringent standards to ensure casting integrity and leak tightness.

H&M are growing to be blue-ribbon chemical producers in Europe, America and Asia. They have chosen AVS to represent them in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. H&M do not take chances in hazardous chemical applications. Does your existing supplier rely on statistical chance for their casting integrity? Typically, 90% of their castings are not checked for shrinkage defects. H&M gives a 100% guarantee on their casting integrity. 100% of the volume of every casting is radiographed so that we can be certain every casting meets the Euro Chlor specified ASTM E446 Level 2 acceptance criteria. At AVS, safety and sustainability is non-negotiable and we’re proud to have a partner who shares this unequivocal stance.

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