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ARI-Armaturen’s exceptional range offers a high-quality “one-stop shop”. Established in 1950, the privately owned ARI Group employs 1400+ individuals and is a successful player on the international stage, servicing 50+ countries. AVS is proud to represent ARI in South Africa for over 28 years.

ARI has a tradition of over 60 years as a partner for control, isolation, safety and steam trapping of liquid and gaseous media. They manufacture high-quality, heavy duty valves in line with the latest standards at 3 different locations: all of them in Germany. Our partnership with ARI is solid. We have constant engagement and access to their sales, technical and global operations. If we can’t solve the problem – they partner with us to satisfy the customer. There is a tremendous focus on technical training.

Our team attends regular live online training with the product specialists – an offer we’re able to extend to our customers. The limitations of Covid didn’t hinder this, we simply shifted our efforts into online training and are thus able to share this knowledge at the customer front. Our focus products are control valves, isolation valves, safety valves, steam traps, butterfly valves, actuators and even bespoke products geared towards customer needs. ARI operates an environmental management system according to DIN ISO 14001 as well as an energy management system according to DIN ISO 50001. Economic activity and production inevitably have an impact on the environment. In working with ARI, we endeavour to deliver safe and reasonably-priced, environmentally-compatible and energy-efficient solutions for all products – from manufacture to disposal.

Sustainable Eco-systems with ARI

ARI-Armaturen operates an environmental management system according to DIN ISO 14001 as well as an energy management system according to DIN ISO 50001.

This supports alignment to our Global SDGs and our commitment to people, planet and plant. 

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